UNIQUE SOFT Offers multiple range of voice services including Hosted PBX, Conference Solution, Custom IVRs, WebRTC with in App SMS (In/ out), DIDs - Business Numbers, FAX, Microsoft Team Voice solution, Aggressive Calling rates with CLI passing route.



We are happy in inform that latest version 3.21.3 of Softphone release on 15th/Aug/2023 is now available. 









Native version is for Windows desktop only, but you can use the softphone in Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and Solaris with help of WineHQ.



We deal in Wholesale Voice minutes (VoIP minutes), DIDs/Virtual numbers, Toll-free DIDs, Hosted PBX, Voice SoftSwitch and Billing, Dedicated Servers


Your One Stop Solution for all Voice Services, mail us at [email protected]

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